The mission of Nobscot Neighbors is to promote, preserve, and advocate for Nobscot, a village within Framingham, Massachusetts, and improve its quality of life for residents, businesses, institutions, and visitors.

About Us

Nobscot Neighbors, founded in 2008, is a group of concerned Framingham citizens and other interested parties dedicated to the improvement and preservation of the Nobscot section of the town. We are residents, elected officials, property owners, parents, and business owners who believe in taking an active role in our chosen community.

Nobscot has a rich heritage as one of Framingham's distinct villages, one that is becoming an even more vibrant, attractive, and welcoming place thanks to the right guidance, promotion and encouragement.

Our Goals

Promote Nobscot as an attractive place to live, shop, dine, locate a business, and enjoy recreational areas.

Unite residents, businesses, and institutions for discussion and pursuit of common goals.

Create a stronger sense of community through meetings, events, promotions, and other communications.

Join Us

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