The mission of Nobscot Neighbors is to promote, preserve, and advocate for Nobscot, a village within Framingham, Massachusetts, and improve its quality of life for residents, businesses, institutions, and visitors.

The Nobscot Post Office/Library/Train Station

Tucked in between the Hemenway School and the Heritage at Framingham on Water Street, a small, unassuming building provides a window into Nobscot village life during the 19th century and early 20th century. This structure was the first Framingham post office, dating back 1878. The post office closed in 1933.

Since 1905, however, the Framingham Pubic Library occupied half of the building, which is only twelve by twenty-four feet. It was called the Nobscot Depository and it hung on into the post-war period when Nobscot was being rapidly developed, finally closing in 1953. When the nearby railroad line was active and still ran passenger trains, there was a window at the rear of the building where railroad tickets were sold.

Originally located across the street, the building was refurbished and moved in June, 2000. Led by the late Bill Dyan, a Framingham resident, the restoration culminated in a grand re-opening on June 18, 2000, at which the post office offered special commemorative postal imprints at the site. Now attractively landscaped with flowers, brick pavers, and a park bench, the tiny building offers a quiet respite for passersby and a charming glimpse into Nobscot's past.

Date board showing the building's uses

   Vintage sign from the